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Scotts Revised LogoScotts Equipment Cayman National Squash Championships have been completed with great spirit throughout the competitions. The results of the various events are as follows:

Mens Open
Winner Cameron Stafford
Runner Up Julian Jervis
Womens Open
Winner Eilidh Bridgeman
Runner up Samantha Hennings
Mens B
Winner Jeff Danter
Runner up David Pitcairn
Womens B
Winner Kali Maclean
Runner up Delia Slater
Mens C
Winner Jace Jervis
Runner Up Keith Higgins
Mens 40+
Winner Dean Watson
Runner Up Jeff Danter
Womens 40+
Winner Catherine Hindness
Runner Up Cathy Maclean
Mens 50+
Winner Ashley Gunning
Runner Up Ken Moore
Womens 50+
Winner Delia Slater
Runner Up Helen Cronier


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EFG_Logo_CMY_pos_VH9 The EFG Bank Cayman National Junior Squash Championships is now complete! The winners and runners up are listed below. Thanks to all who entered this event and keep it up!!

Boys Under 11 Winner – Brody McComb

Boys Under 11 Runner Up – Robby Madden

Girls Under 11 Winner – Sasha Hardie

Girls Under 11 Runner Up – Ailey Finch

Boys Under 13 Winner – Jace Jervis

Boys Under 13 Runner Up – Pierce Terry

Girls Under 13 Winner – Olivia Kluyver

Girls Under 13 Runner Up – Jade Barnard

Boys Under 15 Winner – Pierce Terry

Boys Under 15 Runner Up – Jace Jervis

Girls Under 15 Winner – Lauren Fullerton

Girls Under 15 Runner Up – Shaelah Parchment Henry

Boys Under 17 Winner – David Pitcairn

Boys Under 17 Runner Up – Nathan Maclean

Girls Under 17 Winner – Jade Pitcairn

Girls Under 17 Runner Up – Kali Maclean

Boys Under 19 Winner – David Pitcairn

Boys Under 19 Runner Up – Isaiah Robinson

Girls Under 19 Winner – Jade Pitcairn

Girls Under 19 Runner Up – Emma Turnbull


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EFG_Logo_CMY_pos_VH9The EFG Bank National Junior Squash Championships 2017 are underway! Please check the draws and result via this weblink: