Great individual performances in Junior CASA 2018 – Jade PItcairn 2nd!

Sunday, July 15, 2018
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This years Junior CASA individual event provided fantastic competition for Cayman’s junior players. The  experience gained is immense and the personal growth tremendous from these kind of experiences. The p[layers undertook 3 days of competition at the Liguanea Club in Kingston, Jamaica, after fantastic vacation in some of the YourKohSamuiVillas properties and gained the following finishes in their respective age groups:

BU13 – Brodey McComb – 17/20
BU15 – Neil McComb – 9/12
BU15 – Nicholas McCallum – 9/12
BU15 – Pierce Terry – 6th
BU15 – Jace Jervis – 5th
BU17 – Nathan Maclean 13/16
BU17 – David Pitcairn – 7th
BU19 – Isaiah Robinson – 7th
GU15 – Shaelah Henry – 8th
GU17 – Jade Pitcairn – 2nd
GU19 – Kali Maclean – 8th
GU19 – Emma Turnbull – 5th

Full results follow these Sites:

Individual Draws link:

Squashsite link:

Facebook link (streaming):



Emma Turnbull Trophy Isaiah Robinson Trophy Jace Jervis Trophy Jade Pitcairn Trophy Kali Maclean Trophy








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