MAPLES Cayman Islands School Squash Championship

 2015/16 MAPLES Schools Squash Championships was claimed by Cayman Prep & High School with a 20 point margin over St. Ignatius.

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Prep school winners 2016 Prep school winners 2016


This seasons Maples Schools Squash competition was dominated by Cayman Prep and High School and St Ignatius, both of whom take full advantage of the Cayman Islands National Squash Association’s School squash program, which provides them with the free use of South Sound Squash Club facilities and Coaching advise from National Coach, Mark Chaloner.

There were over 70 children taking part in this year’s competition which provided each year group from 7 up to year 12/13 with some very healthy competitive fun. There were plenty of notable performances, especially in the younger year groups, with Molly Kehoe(CPHS) claiming the girls year 7 title with 5 wins in a row and Lauren Fullerton(CPHS) winning 4 straight matches to take the girls year 8 crown. Nicholas McCallum(CPHS) won the boys year 7 and Nathan Maclean(CPHS) the boys year 8. Jade Pitcairn(CPHS) year 9 girls, who has represented Cayman Islands and claimed top 3 finishes in the last 2 Caribbean Championships showed her fellow competitors what an outstanding player she is by cruising through the field of opponents barely dropping any points along the way. In the year 9 boys event, Christian Murray(St.Ig) was victorious claiming some much needed points for his school. The boys year 10, provided a stage for Jasun Sairsingh(CPHS) to shine and show how much work he has dedicated to the improvement of his game by taking charge of his opponents in all 4 matches to claim the title. Emma Turnbull(CPHS) took the year 11 girls crown over 2nd and 3rd place finishers Kali Maclean and Lauren Hew. In the boys year 11, Ciaran Touhey(CPHS) beat Matthew Barnett and Karim Murray(St.Ig) into 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Year 12/13 girls Mischa Kluyver(CPHS) got the better of Alexandra Artuch and Stephanie Gunby(St. Ig) to take the title. Isaiah Robinson(St.Ig) overcame his rival and Cayman Islands Team mate Gyles Luke(St. Ig) to finish his 5th match with a clean sheet and the gold medal.

For every event the finishers were awarded points for their schools tally from 10 points for the winner, 8 for the 2nd place, 6 for the 3rd place, and 4, 3 and 2 points for the 4th,5th and 6th places. Following all the events Cayman Prep and High School were the overall winner for this year over St. Ignatius by a 20 point margin.

2014/15 MAPLES Schools Squash Championships was won by Cayman Prep & High School by a narrow margin.

So we had Representatives from St Ignatius, Cayman Prep, John Gray and Grace Christian Academy here at SSSC today. The Schools took part in the Maples Cayman Islands Schools squash competition for years, 10, 11, 12 & 13 Combined.  We have just under 40 kids representing the 4 schools.

Year 10 Girls Runner Up – Kali Maclean (Prep)
Year 10 Girls Winner – Emma Turnbull (Prep)
Year 10 Boys Runner-Up – Matthew Barnett(Prep)
Year 10 Boys Winner – Ciaran Touhey(Prep)
Year 11 Girls Runner-Up – Mariah McIntyre(St. Ignatius)
Year 11 Girls Winner – Mischa Kluyver(Prep)
Year 11 Boys Runner-up – Isaiah Robinson(john Gray)
Year 11 Boys Winner – Christian Dube(Grace academy)
Year 12&13 Girls Runner-up – Stephanie Gunby(St. Ignatius)
Year 12&13 Girls Winner – Alexandra Artuch(Prep)
Year 12&13 Boys Runner-up – Daniel Murphy(St Ignatius)
Year 12&13 Boys Winner – Julian Jervis(St. Ignatius)
The overall team score ended up as follows:
1  Cayman Prep on 78points
2 St Ignatius on 76points
3 Grace Christian Academy 16points
4 John Gray High School 10points

2012 /2013 School Squash Championships


Year 10, 11 and sixth form            Please note this has been rescheduled to April 12, 2013

Year 7, 8 and 9                            April 12, 2013





2012 – St. Ignatius captures the first annual


Walkers School Squash Championship Cup


St. Ignatius is the best of the high schools when it comes to squash. Over 100 girls and boys years 7 – 11 played the one day squash tournament at the South Sound Squash Club .

This was the first time an interschool competition has been offered amongst the high schools in Cayman. National Squash Coach, Glenn Stark, mentioned that the School Squash Program is growing in popularity and numbers offering squash instruction within the school phed programs. “This year the program will have reached the 1000th participant averaging 175 school students a week.”

This event hosted participation from 5 of the local high schools including CIS, John Gray, Clifton Hunter, Cayman Prep and St. Ignatius. Lara Conolly and Nina Foster both from CPHS won the individual girl’s events. It was Gyles Luke and Julian Jervis winning the respective boy’s event. Points were then awarded to the schools for their participation and individual results with St. Ignatius winning the championship title by 13 points.


2011 Tournament Results

Event                           Winner                                    R/up                                        Consolation

Girls Year 7 – 9 Nina Foster – Cayman Prep Ally Artuch – Cayman Prep Daniela Granados – St. Ignatius
Girls Year 10 – 11 Lara Conolly – Cayman Prep Courtney Couch – St. Ignatius Janel Ebanks – JGHS
Boys Year 7 – 9 Gyles Luke – St. Ignatius Christian Dube – St. Ignatius Josh Bolland – Cayman Prep
Boys Year 10 – 11 Julian Jervis – St. Ignatius Daniel Murphy – St. Ignatius Sam Whitney – Cayman Prep